Our technology provides the following solutions:

  • Forwarding calls to phone numbers requested by clients (to both cell phone numbers and home phone numbers). Our call center's program enables to connect the caller to any phone operator!

  • SMS services - selecting and processing the information of text messages. Processing, selecting and answering emails. If necessary, forwarding them to the right employee.

  • Interactive voice response service (IVR) is a technical solution which enables us to provide our clients with several language choices and services. For an example, if a client calls and hears the message: ‘For service in Estonian, press 1; for service in Russian, press 2...' then by pressing different numbers on the keypad the client is routed to a line where an operator who speaks the preferred language fluently is ready to offer his or her services. If a client is already familiar with the choices on the IVR line, then the keypad choices can be made immediately upon connecting to the answering machine. This way, the client can contact the operator even quicker.

  • Statistics, reports, general feedback. A summarized report will be prepared for our business partner about the serviced calls that shows the duration of caller waiting time, duration of the phone calls and time spent on other tasks. If necessary, we can collect statistical information about other topics. For that purpose, possible subjects of interest should be identified before conducting the survey.